Art News

Figurative Art

Figurative art is an art genre rooted in the history of artistic expression and is proof to the fascination we have with the human form and its emotional resonance.
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Haitian Art

Haitian Spirit Art
Haitian art is a vibrant and captivating expression of the country's rich cultural heritage.
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Functional Art Trend

Functional art is a type of art that combines both aesthetics and utility. It is an art form that serves a practical purpose while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
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Easter in the Virgin Islands

Like many places around the world, Easter is a holiday celebrated and enjoyed by many across the Virgin Islands.  Traditionally a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter follows Lent, a forty day period beginning on Ash Wednesday
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Mermaid Mythology

Mermaid mythology dates back as far as written history does, and can be found in accounts from around the world, from Ancient Greece and Rome, to Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, and Asia.
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