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Mermaid Mythology

Mermaid mythology dates back as far as written history does, and can be found in accounts from around the world, from Ancient Greece and Rome, to Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, and Asia. These tales originate from sailors who believed to have encountered sea-dwelling creatures in the oceans on their journeys. They describe the creatures as having a human torso […]
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Three King’s Day

Historically, Three King's Day is known as the day when the three wise men located the newborn Jesus after following a star for twelve days.
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Virgin Islands Christmas Food

You’ll find a wide range of delicacies spread across their dining tables for Christmas dinner in the Virgin Islands. Food Ham and turkey is popular, although many will roast a salmon instead. These are accompanied by herbed stuffings, dressings, and sauces, as well as mashed potatoes, baked mac n cheese, and vegetables. Some save the bone from the Christmas Eve […]
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Christmas in the Virgin Islands

While there aren’t exactly snowmen waiting to be built or pine trees to chop down and decorate, the Virgin Islands has many of their own Christmas traditions that make the holiday season jolly. Today the Christmas trees that people are familiar with from Christmas movies are imported from the mainland. Traditionally, families would decorate a dried century plant, a stalk […]
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Ahoy, Matey!

The U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Thomas in particular, has history wrapped up with piracy. Many of the local area have pirate names, read about our local legends.
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Carnival in the Islands

Carnival Queens by Kathy Carlson
Carnival in the Caribbean is something special. It's a celebration of life and freedom and embracing the unique culture of our islands.
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