Rae KehoeCome Sit with Me

Painting has been a passion since I was 4. It was my high school art teachers that steered me towards acrylics. Art at college was more experimental. From life drawing to sculpture, and trips out in the field to paint in plein air, I remember sitting on a beachy ground painting the Cedar Falls Bridge and mixing sand into the foreground. Perhaps that was the draw.

The Islands were calling early on as well. Growing up in Iowa, then choosing to move here to St. Thomas after spring break in 1978. Being able to sit on location in St. Thomas and St. John at many of the resorts painting and selling my work has been the journey of those dreams.

Early in my career, I painted people in the scenes, however, I learned through conversations at multiple showings that the viewer often prefers an open scene where they can imagine themselves in the picture. So this is what I have created for you.

Working in the frame shop with Jane, observing and chatting with Andy, is what gave me the confidence to make my own bamboo frames from scratch. It was a vision I had for a few years before attempting.  Here is a new and handpicked collection sharing my dreams with you.

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