Heather Hodgeman

“Art Explosion! Paintbrush into motion! Constant creative flow!”

Heather Hodgeman is originally from the mountains of Vermont. She moved to the waters of the Virgin Islands, and is now located in the warmth of Florida!

Heather has been painting for as long as she can remember. Although not drawn to one particular moment in time, her childhood was always noted for her “whimsical”, “on my own page”, “out there” style and persona. A free spirit, she beats to her own drum despite public or private criticism.

Her inner artist was sparked when she moved to the Virgin Island.  Upon moving, Heather found herself surrounded by the vibrant greens, blues, pinks, and oranges of the island. She found not only color there, but also, the free resilient spirit existing in the people of the island. She found the creativity, expressions, and differences that are so much a part of her personality being celebrated and displayed within the local art community.

Color, shape, shade, and sound launched Heather into a sudden daydream of whatever fantasy her mind created in that moment. The water represented peace, calm, chill, relaxation. This was the representation of mental, emotional, and physical freedom. The sea life of the Caribbean moved fluidly within the water. The streets filled with music and laughter. The mountains of the Virgin Islands reminded her of the power of nature combined with vibrant greens and wildlife that is embedded within.

Originals – Small size

Originals – Medium size

Originals – Large size

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