Shaun Pennington

In the spring of 2020, weeks after Covid had driven away the emissions spewing cruise ships and shut down emissions spewing gas-fueled vehicles across the globe – along with their attendant unnatural noise – nature emerged in a way that was splendid.

Adapting rather quickly to a socially distanced lifestyle, I took to the woods with a camera. As I wandered through the bush on St. Thomas and the forest in New York City, (yes, there is a forest in Manhattan), I chuckled as I made up little ditties in my head about the things I was photographing. A year later, I was inspired to pair photos (many of which were taken by my husband Walter Bostwick) and poetry to express in mostly light, amusing verse the voices that were quietly calling to me from somewhere else asking to be heard in their concern  about the current state of our climate change dilemma.

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