Stylized and Abstract

I have always had a fascination with how you can take a blank canvas, create something that would catch the admiring eye of onlookers so that they would happily place it on their wall to enjoy it again and again. Even now, when I watch a movie as others are studying the actors, I am always studying what art was chosen for the decor. I can’t help it; when I go to hotels, restaurants, or lobbies, it is where my eyes look first.

I grew up staring at the masters without fully understandings the effect it would have on my subconscious mind. I credit my love of art to my military father who, to my younger and undeveloped mind, “dragged” me through the most impressive art museums and galleries around the world: the Louvre, the Guggenheim, El Prado, and to Toledo to see El Greco’s skies. I also credit my Southern Belle mom, who could give you a coleslaw recipe and wax eloquently about Renoir on the same breath.

There are two different themes that I love and will consistently show up in my paintings: abstracts, and stylized flowers. I never stick with one color palette because life is an unlimited choice of color. I either paint directly with acrylic on canvas or use my pre-painted papers and tissues to create strong texture, or at times, I will merge both for a final look. On some of my creations, there can be hundreds of these hand painted papers that I spend countless hours trying to arrange for the perfect balance.

I do have to sheepishly confess that in the beginning, it was very hard to let go of my paintings because I felt as though each one was my baby. Nowadays, I can’t even express the thrill I feel when one is selected to grow up in a new home, loved by its new owner.

Art appreciation is a second language in my family.

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