Jess RosenbergBiophilia Exhibition

There are so many things influencing us.  My work reflects my awe and love for the natural world surrounding me.  I have chosen to work with color, light, flora and fauna, the sea, and the sensual forms of the cays and islands, birds, the wind either caressing me and my clay (or drying it too fast) and the accompanying sounds. Serendipitously, all this is right outside my door.

This show is filled with colored clay: I use an off-white stoneware, color it with pigments and make patterns which are then incorporated in the piece. Sometimes I compress the patterns into the base off-white slab, other times, I use the pattern blocks like a jigsaw puzzle by slicing pieces and reassembling them into a design (Nerikomi).

In the last 2 years, I have begun combining glass with the ceramic pieces.  This is accomplished by using separate firings for the glass and then combining the two later (this is called cold working). Many of the pieces have used three to five different firings at as many different temperatures to achieve the results you see.

Enjoy the sampling listed here. Visit the entire collection in person!


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