“Masque” is a group of recent paintings by William Bradley Thompson (@WBThompsonArt). The artist lives and works in the Virgin Islands. The islands have inspired and influenced his variously scaled mixed media works for over thirty years.  Many paintings in this show are thematically influenced by Carnival Parade memories.  Twenty years ago, Thompson made a monumental 80 inch by 80 foot Carnival parade series that has been a featured installation in the upper niches of the lobby at the Roy Lester Schneider Medical Center.  In “Masque” the Mango Tango Gallery has on display, easel scaled paintings that harken back to those large hospital panels. Carnival costumes, colors, sights, and sounds, are all framed by the distinctive architecture of historic Main Street.  These works lovingly depict Carnival memories.  Thompson revels with us and we are transported into his vivid and vibrant expressions of the fete.

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