Steffen Larsen

Danish-born, globe-trotting Steffen Larsen began as a black and white photographer.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s, he traveled to Africa, Australia, South America, the Artic and Antarctica, the Golden Triangle, and the Himalayas. He brought two or three cameras.

An avid sailor, Steffen enjoyed several Atlantic crossings before finally settling on St. Croix in 1988. He is married to artist and sculptor Jan Mitchell. Together, they share the Mitchell Larsen Studio in St. Croix where they sell more of his images and her art.

Steffen began experimenting with digital cameras early on and began to approach photography in color.  For the images in the Mango Tango gallery, his camera of choice is the Contax 645 with a Phase One P20 digital back.  His other tools include a very powerful computer and the best in wide-format printing.

His images of St Thomas and Havana, shown here, reveal a place of history and uniqueness to the location.

St Thomas, USVI

His images here reflect a part of St. Thomas that shows the history and age of the area. It depicts the quaintness of various neighborhoods.

Havana, Cuba

His images here are incredible images of a city trapped in time and present a unique culture and perspective.

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