Caroline Duprey

“Perfect depictions of people and places is not what I strive for in my art. My painting is informed by sketches, memories, and reveries.”

Caroline Duprey is a New Englander that has been living and painting in the Caribbean for two and a half decades.

Caroline has studied art at numerous art institutions, including Manchester Institute of Arts, Manchester, NH; and Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA and DeCordova Museum School, MA.

As a folk artist, Caroline loves to sketch while traveling.  “At a later date, something will trigger my desire to capture the feeling or colors I encountered.  The sketch is the basis of the new painting.”

Art gallery owner Jane Coombes notes that, “Caroline embraces the culture of the West Indies at large, and creates modern expressions of traditional folk art forms.”

Originals – Small size

Originals – Medium size

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