All a We Show

Mango Tango Art Gallery ends the season with flair on Saturday, May 25. The “All a We” show celebrates the creativity of all of the Mango Tango artists. Paintings, drawings, both ceramic and wood sculpture, as well as Haitian flags and upcycled steel drum sculptures fill the gallery.

After each of the month-longĀ  art shows, the art stays with the gallery in what we call the vault. As much of our clientele visit during different months, keeping the art allows us to share with them the art they missed in previous months. Informally, we pull art from the shelves of the vault to show them

This show is what we deem the best of the vault. Additionally, WB Thompson and Carolyn Duprey created new works for the show.

Mercedes Bantz

Phyllis Charles

Don Dahlke

Caroline Duprey

Shari Erickson

Heather Hodgeman

Augustin Holder

Kristen Maize

Mel McCuddin

Brian Murphy

Mary Rodriguez

Kat Stevens

Brenda Sylvia

Jess Rosenberg

Mandy Thody

WB Thompson

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