Shari EricksonThe Charm of the Caribbean in Paintings

Shari Erickson is a contemporary artist exploring the Caribbean and uncovering the natural beauty of the islands. “For three decades my artwork has focused on the Antilles islands, recording the beauty of the tropical landscape and the rhythm of its culture,” says Erickson. Her show at Mango Tango in April will present her ability to showcase the human form with light and color.

For her, inspiration comes easy in the islands. There’s an abundance of tropical landscapes, bright colors everywhere, and a lack of commercialization. She wants to record and celebrate these places and people before they are gone. “Time and tourism take their toll in the Antilles, as with especially beautiful places everywhere. Even those unpredictable hurricanes (which seem to be getting worse) can change the landscape along with irreplaceable architecture, delicate reefs, and traditional crops. Language, art, and customs bend to the future, but, thankfully, the people always remain “Irie” — defined as “pleasingly good.” 

Her vision/art has evolved over forty years of experimentation. She grew up aware of her “gift” and worked hard to become a professional artist.

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