Rae KehoeRoots, Rock, and Reggae

Rae has been painting in St. Thomas for over 30 years. She excels in painting the beaches of St. John and St. Thomas in meticulous, almost photographic detail. As many are in a large format, she offers custom order giclee prints on canvas in the size the collector chooses, as well as many affordable matted prints of her work.

From Rae:
I paint large pieces in a realistic style to give thanks and so people can escape and walk into these tangible visions, in their homes, offices, and meditative spaces.

Art is long and time is fleeting…
I read this once in one of my art books. I might add, “Time is long and art is everlasting.” What I have found on this journey of art is that time bends and provides a way to communicate. It’s calling to the future or from the past, or even the otherworldly. That famous line from South Pacific repeats in my ears: “You have to have a Dream to have a Dream come true.” This is why I paint. It is through color and imagery that I find my voice. I paint to give thanks to our Creator and to remind others of the positivity that art can impact our emotional well-being.

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