Mel McCuddinRememberings and Reveries

As a process painter, I pour, drop, and brush different layers of paint on a canvas–under-painting with warm colors, overlaid with cooler ones. This ultimately adds luminosity to each painting. After the paint dries a bit, depending on my mood, I use rags or my hands to rub out areas of the canvas. I look for the elements of an animal or human. I guess the figure or figures that will dominate the canvas come from a subconscious memory or reverie. I often compare the figure I discover as akin to recognizing an image while gazing at a cloud formation.

The works on view in this show are all about our relationship with the world. Intuitively, I use color, form, and design to communicate the human condition. In the distant past I was influenced by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and Odd Nerdrum, but more importantly my life experiences compel me to metaphorically and figuratively create meaningful works of art.