Collective Path to Paradise

Heather Hodgeman paints what she sees and this is her vision while living on the island. It was her dream to live here and she felt blessed to be able to work and live and play on St Thomas.  Circumstances caused her to move back stateside but the islands draw her back time and time again and she plans to return soon!

I met Heather in the aftermath of the twin hurricanes of 2017. I had been having trouble with my damage claims and she had driven up to look at art. Little did I realize that she was a FEMA representative. She spent an hour enraptured by the art in Mango Tango. On her way out, after speaking with her about the art, I inadvertently broke down about the damage problems. I was upset. She quickly explained her position and offered to help. She successfully helped me with my claim and became a frequent visitor to the gallery. Months later, she surprised me one afternoon when she brought in a painting to frame. I commented that I found it quite engaging and asked about the artist. She laughed and said she painted it. She was stunned that I really thought it was so creative that I asked her to let the gallery represent her in a duo show six months out. What a remarkable way to find such great talent for the gallery!


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