Don DahlkeThree Avenues of Art


For those of you who are familiar with my architectural painting these floral paintings are a departure from a preconceived and calculated approach to my work. In these paintings l am using a spontaneous method for their structure, concept and rendering. By using this concept l have achieved an emotional response to the invention of my subject matter found in abstract painting.
I have been somewhat influenced by the Dutch floral painter of the 17th century in their compositions and coloring. It is a liberating experience to convey a new side of who l am as a visual artist.


A labyrinth is defined as an intricate combination of paths and/or passages. Sometimes finding an exit is complicated or even torturous. My labyrinths, however, are unintentional, fun and joyous. They lack the tension of finding an exit, yet they retain the mystique of the traditional labyrinths.


We the People is a series of paintings influenced by social inequality and racism. This country began with immigration and slavery. As we evolve into a nation where all beings are equal and society begins to understand what it would mean to be devoid of racism, we struggle to understand the true meaning of integrity. With this series I depict the tension of the moment, and the magnificence of our potential, as a culture that embraces all that we can be and all that we are.

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