Mel McCuddinThe Deja Vu Exhibition
in Figurative Expressionist Paintings

I began painting in the early 1950’s when abstract expressionism was popular. I did abstract work for a period of time but found myself always looking for an image in the paint. This evolved into the way I work now. I usually begin by randomly applying the paint with no idea in mind. After looking at the piece for a period of time I will see a suggestion of something in the paint. I am influenced, to some extent, by everything I have experienced. I think this is the reason that, many times, my subjects have no relation to each other for the viewer. They are simply personally connected to me.

I have been painting for over 65 years. Other than a few classes when I first started, I am largely self taught. I work almost every day. The COVID pandemic hasn’t affected my work other than, being somewhat isolated, it has given me more time in the studio.

Deja Vu seems like good title for the show.

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