Brian MurphyA Moment Captured

When Brian Murphy, graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, began working with Mango Tango Art Gallery, collectors appeared immediately. His admirers were both plein air aficionados and young art lovers who found his process refreshing.

Brian Murphy says that his paintings are his voice. “My approach comes from the study of past masters, the influence of of present-day painters I admire, and a direction that has developed from deep inside me. What I enjoy about painting out of doors is that the setting speaks to me through a particular light at each particular time of day,” he said. His technique is to paint parallel lines, contrasts, breaks and connectives that unite in common pattern elements. Basically he fuses forms in space. The works painted outside in space. The works painted outside are usually small due to the constraints of nature. Murphy finds hardboard to be the best support. He then takes the small works into his studio. Some that were done on the spot are reworked on larger canvas.

Gallery owner Jane Coombes misses her verbal art camaraderie with Brian who moved to North Carolina a few years ago. She notes, that since his wife’s family is here in St. Thomas, she sees him a few times a year. The States have offered him the opportunity to compete and shine in notable art competitions. The year 2019 was very good for him.

Savannah Art Association Plein Air Competition 2019
Honorable Mention

Sautee Plein Air Experience 2019
Merit Award of Excellence and 2nd Place in the Quick Draw event

Blowing Rock Plein Air Festival 2019
1st place in non-professional category

Paint it Orange Plein Air Paint Out 2019
Sponsor’s Choice

Says Brian: “I am applying to a lot of these again this year. They are a lot of fun. I tried to loosen up and have more fun with my paintings this last year. There were a lot of paintings I tried that didn’t make the cut. These are the painting that “worked out”. I think they have a freshness and a sort of life to them.”

So much life, that they sell when we unpackage them. We feel really honored to represent Brian Murphy.