“Signs of the Times” was informed by billboards and placards posted by candidates making promises for today that are frequently at the expense of tomorrow.  Inspired always by the surroundings juxtaposed with the sometimes hard realities of humanity, many of these recent works were also drawn from multi generational relationships, historical considerations, and ever present forms in nature.  When considering our shared times together surrounded by the sea, I am always amazed by the love, the strength, the resiliency, and always the beauty of this place and the people who abide here.  I also find it fascinating how visitors on holiday and we living barnacles stuck on this rock coexist and sometimes clash.  I will never run out of things that inspire or provoke me and am grateful to live in such a stimulating and invigorating place.

These works are on new surface materials that should be well suited to our island environment.  Some works on paper, some on canvas, and some on marine board.  From Drakes seat and Hull Bay to Secret Harbor and the bars of Cruz Bay, this show encompasses sights, sounds, and people that I have come to know and love.  I am committed to exploring to the fullest this niche of the Caribbean with a keen sense of our shared connections and with a hope that these works will inspire us all to cherish the times we share in this paradoxical paradise.

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