Over the past year we have all been subjected to confining ourselves within our own “interior worlds.” Years ago, I read an art review from a critic who was responding to Pierre Bonnard’s evocative interior paintings. The critic said that Bonnard “conjured up interior worlds” and that color and form blended and melted into a dreamlike reality.

I have always felt a kindred affiliation to Pierre Bonnard. He lived 100 years prior to me. He too, briefly practiced law and then devoted the remainder of his life to quietly and humbly pursuing his art. I believe he brilliantly expressed the inner peace gained through quiet contemplation and stillness.

In the past year, I have been coming to terms with our globally imposed confinement and have looked inward in many works. Dwelling and abiding within the monastery of one’s mind can be a paradise or hell. I have sought peace and hope these works can give the viewer solace in tumultuous times.