Gallery assistant Adam Thorp notes that “the sequestering during the current pandemic has spawned a time for reflection, especially in the minds of artists. This alone time informs artists to seek different avenues of expression.” Thompson knows his depictions of local scenes yield great sales, yet he chose to experiment instead. Because he also knows that clients can always commission him to paint different scenes which he successfully creates, for this show, he undertakes different themes and techniques.

He describes his approach to creating art for this show succinctly:
“These works are part of a series of experimental works involving cut out forms and collage on paper.  I have been working in the vein for the past year or so and these are some early examples.  A recurring theme has been gathering and the comfort of communion.  I also have enjoyed playing with the relationships of people with pets.  The bond of a dog and it’s owner is deep and I have enjoyed exploring that in some of the works. This past year has brought challenges to us all due to the pandemic and it’s related issues, along with personal challenges and cares.  I look forward to 2022 and hope these works serve as a catalyst for things to come.”

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